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Investment is a complex and specialised area. Whether you’re investing in property or shares, you want to be sure that you’re maximising returns and minimising risk. Before you even make an investment we can offer strategic advice, to set you off on the right foot, and act as a sounding board for any important decisions.

At Sutcliffe Graham + Co. we have the expertise to structure your investments to your best advantage. Whether you’re purchasing a rental property, developing, or are a trader, we can help.

To help you make sure your investment pays off, we can:

  • Guide you as to the best ownership structure
  • Restructuring your investments to your best advantage.
  • Provide advice on the tax implications and obligations
  • Develop a strategy to account for the risks and returns involved
  • Remove or automate the accounting and administrative tasks that bog you down

Even though investment is usually a long-term returns strategy, we believe it is important to spend time reviewing your investments, setting targets, and measuring your financial performance.

Services we provide for Property & Investments industries include:

  • A free consultation (with no obligations or strings attached)
  • Annual accounting services
  • Tax planning, forecasting and management
  • Accountancy software
  • Payroll and GSTGST
  • Cashflow forecasting and advice
  • Business valuations
  • Company incorporations
  • Assistance with purchasing businesses and equipment
  • Business structure and strategy
  • Performance monitoring and practice profitability
  • Succession planning and exit
  • Business financing
  • Business support and mentoring
  • Wealth Management

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